From Salesman to 7-Figure CEO with John Martinez

John Martinez is the most introverted sales expert you’ll ever meet, but yet he has taken the sales acumen that made him a highly successful salesperson - and parlayed that into an extremely profitable 7 figure sales training business that only requires a few hours of his time and attention per week. 

I’m this episode, Steve talks to John about what it was like to go from selling for a living to training others to sell for a living. John breaks down how he has built out a highly automated, low overhead, and highly systematized business model that works for him - rather than him working for it. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Core business takes 1 - 2 hours a week to run and produces $100 to  $150K a month in revenue with margins being close to 90%. 
  • How John transitioned from corporate America and took the leap to business owner (not to be confused with running a profitable business)
  • Took his honed sales skills and started teaching others how to improve their sales 
  • The mental mind shift John had to make  to go from knocking on doors to running a successful business
  • How John cut his self-worth ties which were attached to how many hours he worked
  • Business is growing through referrals, going to events and promoting the business 
  • Revolution: Automated marketing, social media, building funnels, and optimizing the systems along the way. 
  • How John’s various businesses are structured 
  • When to use a 1099 vs. salary route with your employees
  • It’s so much easier to work another hour vs. making the mental shift and thinking why you should not
  • How to get past the guilt of not grinding every day


Sometimes what we should do, is the opposite of what our mind is telling us to do 


  • Managing your social media effectively 


Is this adding to my life, or taking away from it? 


  • Why some businesses make it and some don’t: You have to lead with value. 
  • Why John doesn’t have any salespeople and sales are up! 
  • How to detach from your sales career and become a CEO
  • Why you have to focus on a good sales system, not a salesperson
  • Hiring your first employee


You will never be 100% happy with any system, you have to make the choice to just go for it.


  • Finding what’s right for you 
  • How coaches can help you get to the next level 

Rapid Fire Round


What Are You Afraid Of? 

Lack of control. 


What I’m Most Proud Of: 

His children, watching them grow, the decisions they make and the people they are becoming. 


What I Wish I Knew When I Started in Business:

Thought quotes were dumb until he started his business and learned that the cliches were true.


What I’m Excited About

Figuring out the next chapter in his life. The businesses are transitioning and two are being built, with the lesson that he doesn’t want to be the face of the business, but generate autonomous assets. 


There is farther up than there is down

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