How To Be Open-minded Without Being Vulnerable W/ 250ok Founder Greg Kraios

We see this happen all the time… An entrepreneur gets a brilliant idea then self-sabotages it with their own close-minded thinking. Sometimes without even realizing it. But there has to be a balance between acting with caution and trying new things, right? 

Greg Kraios’s take on being open-minded unlocks a world of possibilities in profiting from your mistakes and create the success you really want.

If you lay awake at night worried about your business, this is the episode you need now.

Show highlights include:

  • Why your greatest success comes from your worst employees. (10:19)
  • How the ‘Conditional Thinking’ theory kidnaps your business from succeeding how it should - and the steps to avoiding this. (15:20)
  • Why thinking less brings your business the most activity. (16:37)
  • Why running a business and experiencing life share the same core value. (22:12)

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