How to Hire Up and Build a Successful Team with Kent Clothier

Kent Clothier knows a thing or two about how to hire up and build a successful team, as he’s done it several times. By age 30, Kent was running a family business that grew from a start-up to $1.8 billion, but lost everything and had to figure out how to rebuild it all over again on his own.

Kent has been a coach and mentor to Steve for years, and now they are also friends and business partners. One of the most impactful lessons Kent has taught Steve is that you can’t hire to where you are, you have to “hire up” in order for your team to propel you forward.

Key Takeaways: 

  • Lessons learned in running a 2 Billion dollar company and largest company in Florida by the age of 30. 
  • Why Kent got run out of his own company (a blessing in disguise) which led him to real estate  
  • Wholesaling since 2003 that started as a side hustle which he turned into a business 
  • From wholesaling to turnkey (flipping 900 properties a year, and managing 1600 properties)
  • Building a diversified sales funnel 
  • The golden handcuffs of hustling 
  • Moving out of an employee mindset and transitioning into entrepreneurship 
  • Creating multiple exit strategies
  • Understanding the difference between owning a job and owning a business
  • You can’t do everything yourself, you have to let go and delegate to scale your business

What got you here, will not get you there. 

  • Every successful CEO started by building a strong team
  • Using video recordings to train people
  • Using Facebook groups as a training website for free
  • Creating impact and changing people's lives
  • How to hire up
  • Gain confidence in yourself and find your tribe: Know your principals, your core values, your reasons for starting your own business, why are you taking the risk, what you stand for, and what you stand against
  • How to deprogram yourself from mediocrity and move towards massive success

You are the average of the people you surround yourself with 

  • Mind Hack: When hiring people, think of them as an investment, not an expense
  • How to invest in the right people to move your business forward
  • Live every day like it’s your last: Be as present as you can every day
  • High-level hires will walk away from a multimillion-dollar corporate job that they hate to work with a company that has a soul, a mission and great leadership
  • Understanding the ROI math of hiring a quality employee

  Rapid Fire Round

What Keeps You Up at Night? 


What I’m Most Proud Of: 

Doing fatherhood right 

What I Wish I Knew When I Started in Business

Fail more, fail faster, and take the risks to learn quicker

What’s Kent’s Most Excited About Right Now:

When COVID19 hit, jumping in and putting online events together to help other people reposition themselves and make money in today’s market

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