How to Make a Recurring Revenue Model for Any Business with Trevor Mauch

Trevor Mauch is the CEO of Carrot, and he has learned how to make a recurring revenue model for any business, while at the same time building a company culture that makes it fun, exciting and most importantly - rewarding to work on the team.

When Steve and Trevor met in 2012 at a high-level mastermind, Carrot wasn’t even started yet. Now, over the last five years - Carrot has generated over 3 Million online leads for clients while at the same time positioning Trevor to generate nearly $1Million a month in revenue!

  • Founder and owner of Carrot, a software as a service company since 2013, working with 7000 clients. Help people build and streamline their online lead generation working with real estate investors and real estate agents

Your business can fuel your passion, it doesn’t necessarily have to be your passion

  • Utilizing those tasks that energize you as your creative outlet
  • Make a list of those business tasks that are draining your energy and outsource them
  • The 10/80/10 Rule: Direct employee on the task at hand (10%).  The employee does the work as directed (80%). You review and fine-tune (10%).   
  • Delegate results not tasks
  • You have to give room to people to make a mistake, as it’s the best educator
  • The Entrepreneurs Freedom Formula
  • What are you optimizing for; Profit? Freedom? 
  • Understanding the three parts of your business you need to nail: Purpose, predictability, time and energy
  • Transitioning from an entrepreneur (you can’t take a two-week vacation) to running a business (you can take a two-week vacation and make money) 
  • Why you don’t have to know it all, you just have to have a strong vision of where you want to go and take the next step, which will reveal itself
  • How to make a recurring revenue model for any business 
  • Transitioning from doing it all your self to building a team you love
  • Trevor shares an almost tragedy that changed his business and life forever 
  • Letting go of limiting beliefs

  Rapid Fire Round

What Are You Afraid Of? 

Waking up at the end of my life and meeting the person I could have become

What I’m Most Proud Of: 

My children and how they show up in life

What I Wish I Knew When I Started in Business:

That money is not the end goal

What’s Trevor is Most Excited About Right Now:

How to lead leaders better

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