Joe McCall On Monetizing Your Knowledge For Multiple Revenue Streams

Most people end up ditching the world of Corporate America just to build their own 9-5 instead. They end up stressed, miserable, and overworked, like their last job. 

Loosen the grip on your business’s stage five clinger grip and learn how to profit without sacrificing plans. Put money, and opportunities, back in your control.

In this episode, you’ll discover ways to treat your business more like an ATM machine and less like the job you hated. 

Show highlights include:

  • Why your ‘dream job’ is secretly setting you up to live paycheck-to-paycheck. (3:56)
  • How to use your calendar at home as a tool to make millions in revenue. (11:25)
  • The ‘Three Key’ structure for growing your business from an airport gate. (17:00)
  • Why Steve Jobs wasn’t all that innovative - and how you can design better. (28:45)

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