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How To Quickly Scale Your Business Income & Free Time With This Simple 4-Step Blueprint, Even If You've Been Stuck For Years...

I'll reveal the same secrets I charge my coaching clients thousands of dollars for... And you'll never even have to leave your chair!

What You'll Learn:

How to build a company you love: 

Discover how to join your personal vision with your business model.

How to identify and measure your KPIs:

Know how your business works so you can focus on what moves the needle and how to track your progress.

What business systems to implement... and how:

Use proven processes and systems to automate and manage your operations, so you can take a step back.

How to build your rockstar team:

Understand when, whom and how to hire; learn how to train and motivate your team; discover how to set your core values.

Entrepreneur and Founder of The CEO Nation
Steve Richards

Here's What You'll Get When You Join Today

Signing up right now will grant you ALL of the following:

Members-Only Area (Coming Soon)

Step 1

Gain entry to the exclusive member's area, where you'll access your course content and other resources.

Online Course (Coming Soon)

Step 2

Be the first to get the online course (which will retail between $2,000 - $5,000), at NO extra charge!

Online LIVE Coaching Session

Step 3

Attend the upcoming LIVE coaching session with Q&A (get ALL your questions answered in real time!)

Private Facebook Group

Step 4

You'll be invited to join an exclusive, PRIVATE member's group for The CEO Nation's VIP community.

'Better-Than Money Back Guarantee'

Pay just $1 today, and $248 later, ONLY IF you're 100% satisfied!

Choose Your Package

Split-Pay (only if you're happy...)

$1 Today

Then $298 after the LIVE Coaching, ONLY IF you're satisfied


"Every time I speak with Steve, I walk away thinking, it shows that this guy's been in the business for over 15 years..."

Brian Manley

7-Figure Real Estate Entrepreneur

Best Deal!



"4 or 5 years ago, Steve helped me plan and whiteboard my strategy for scaling my business, and since that time, my company's grown to a multiple of what it was precisely because of his help."

Will Hull

Multi-million dollar business owner

Your Questions Answered

Is There A Guarantee?

Question One

I'll do BETTER than a guarantee.  If you're on the fence, just select the '$1 Today' option to pay just a dollar today, and then the remaining $298 in 48 hours after the live coaching session.  

If you attend the coaching and feel that it wasn't 100% worth the price, then simply shoot me an email and I'll waive the remaining $298... You'll pay NOTHING more!

Will I Be Able To Ask Questions During The Live Coaching?

Question Two

Absolutely!  I will have a LIVE Q&A during the coaching session so that you can get ALL your questions answered.  This alone is worth 10X the price of admission.  

Make sure you show up prepared!  I want to address all your questions so you can start implementing what you learn in your business right away.

What's The Online Course All About?

Question Three

After the LIVE coaching session, I'm going to put together a comprehensive, self-paced course on all the topics covered in the live training (only in MORE detail!).  You'll be able to access this course through an exclusive members-only online portal.

By signing up today, you'll get this course (which is planned to retail between $2000 - $5,000) at NO EXTRA CHARGE!  

And, you'll be among the first to get this valuable info, since you'll be granted access to the course before it launches to the general public.

Is There An Extra Discount For Skipping The Split-Pay?

Question Four

YES!  If you choose to skip the split-pay option (i.e. $1 today and $298 later), I'll knock an additional $50 off the already insanely-discounted price!

This means you'll only pay $249 today, and then NOTHING later.  The online coaching alone is worth 10X that price... But not only will you get to attend the live training, you'll also be among the first to get the online course when it launches (at no extra charge).

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