The Unlimited Potential Of Your Mind W/Richard Roop

Being unclear of your goals as an entrepreneur can lead to a life of overpromising and overcommitting. Taking on a ton of unrelated work ends up creating a life of burn-out and bad clients. 

Most people don’t know what their goals actually are. Their potential has been blocked by mental mind loops and taking on the ‘busy work.’ Are you moving towards your goals or moving goalposts?

In this episode, legendary Richard Roop shares how to set goals for unlimited potential in a system that supports you. 

Show highlights include:

  • Hidden signs you’ve attracted a dull clientele (and how to get motivated sellers now). (0:30)
  • How the ‘H.AB.E’ system supports your goals and holds you accountable (even to the things you can’t see). (10:00)
  • Why the old ‘fake it till you make it’ line still works in the world of business today. (13:11)
  • Why living the ultimate lifestyle starts with daydreaming (even if you’ve lost everything). (18:00)

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